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Tantra massages in a small cosy studio. During tantra masssage we put stress on relaxation and tantra technigues. We prefer individual approach and tantra massages aming at in-depth conscious work with sexual energy. In tantra massage we put stress on enjoyment of energy body, which is a major step towards knowing about you as individual and unique begins. Tantra massages are matters of relaxation for deeping your own sexuality.


About massage team




All masseues and masseur are graduates of individual course of Tantra massage schol. Have experiences with tantra, tantra massage and the touch itself. All of them are certified masseurs. All of them connect deep revence and respect to clients and love and interest to tantra massage like a metod of sexual experience developmend, transmission of pleasure, acceptance, love and respect.

In our tantra studio provides tradicional tantric massage. Touches not to return during the massage, it means that the recipient is in a passive role and relax, but does not return masseuse touches back. Do not offer sex or sexual services.

Recommended massage for man woman and couple:

Tantra massage Classic

Sensual ritual of awakening of life giving sexual energy, during wich you pleasantly relax your body and mind. It includes initial interwiew to build trust, pressure massage and wasching with hot towels, caressing and petting with soft feathers and furs, relaxing full body massage with hot natural oil and intimate massage of joni or lingam, during wich your experience rise and decline you energy in wawes and feel it all through your body. To deepen you relaxation you can use tantra breathing techniques.



Price: 90min / 119 € 120min / 160 €

Tantric massage Body Touch

Tantric massage Body touch is very popular tantric massage . It is more the energetic , sensuous and intimate as other kinds of tantric massage. It is true tantric experience .


Masseuse massaging there completely naked. In addition to massage and involved the whole body , which will enhance maximum all survivals , and aically and involve other senses . Attention is completely focused on the body , touch and the intensity of feelings . Increase excitement passes from mild to intense feeling of sensuality and pleasure .

In Tantric ritual will experience : honoring the body , warm ablution towel with the scent of lavender, soft feathers and massage fur, warm essential oils unique quality during the entire massage body touches the body to body , sensual massage lingam and pleasant relaxation finally ...


Price: 90 min / 180 € 120 min / 250 € 180 min / 310 €

Tantra massage De Luxe

Luxury tantra massage, during wich your experience the best of tantra massage and arts of our experienced masseuses and enjoy enough time just for yourself. A relaxing and sensual full body massage using hot towels, oriental essential oils, soft furs and feathes and petals of red roses for your enjoyment and perfect relaxation. All that inclunding a reflexology foot massage, energizing head massage and special tantra techniques will perfectly prepare you to accept an intimate massage of joni or lingam, which is a natural part of tantra massage to deepen your experience.



Price: 120 min / 180 € 150 min / 220 € 180 min / 250 €

Tantra massage for couples

For the ones in love, married couples, lovers and friends. Tantric massage for couples that want to explore themselves and each other. This type of massage brings some extraordinary, yet very deepening moments into your lives.


Beautiful ritual for couples that want to give their sexuality a new intensity. It helps to deepen your sensuality an ability to feel pleasure. You will explore your body and its potential for receiving love, feelings, sensuality and sexuality in a new way. Tantric massage is everything that you have ever wished to experience. If you give yourself the opportunity to go trought this experiemce with someone close or a beloved one, you will feel how powerful and enriching for your lives it may be for a long time after the massage and how amazing it may feel to perceive the new dimensions of intimacy. You will leave us completely relaxed, fulfilled with love, care, positive energies and joy.


Price: 90 min / 240 € 120 min / 320 €





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